Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Hella Movement Goes International

Hey all,

Following the publication of Carlos Alcala's article in the Sacramento Bee, news of the movement has gone international. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

Articles on the movement have appeared in England's The Telegraph, the Chinese WorldJournal, the Finnish (I think?) Forte, Germany's News AdHoc, and Jakarta's Inilah, just to name a few. It's pretty entertaining to see a "hella" amidst a sea of foreign letters.

This morning, I did two interviews with radio talk shows - one with ABC Melbourne, and one on Hamilton, Canada's "The Matt Holmes Show." Both went well, though it was a little hard to understand the Aussies when they talked fast. I felt like a total amateur talking to a guy in English, but still saying, "wait, what?"



  1. I'm seriously so proud of you. Ry Py thinks you're a baller. Carrie sits in stunned silence. Impressive.

  2. You should try to get in touch with Stephen Colbert, he seems like someone who could get behind this.

  3. On Monday you'll see an article about your petition on Italian publication setteB.IT and the link will be

  4. well done!

    Forte is Estonian, not Finnish.

    BTW, 'hella' in Finnish means a stove (a range)!